Feeding Ducks at Sir Sandford Fleming Park

Feeding ducks at Sir Fleming Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaA day before a snow storm, my daughter and I went to Sir Sandford Fleming Park (the Dingle) to feed the ducks.

I found some seed when cleaning out a closet and thought that, at this times of year, the ducks would like a winter treat.

The ducks were timid at first but as the sea gulls and crows came on the scene, they decided to come closer. Then we ran out of seed and it was time for a quick walk around the park and then go home.

Duck at the Dingle Tower in Halifax, Nova ScotiaJust as we were leaving, an elderly couple arrived with a bag full of bread scraps for the ducks. Go figure.

Then at the round-about (formerly “rotary”) on our way home, we noticed a duck sitting in grassy inner circle who likely stopped a few cars getting there.

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