Fire Service Exemplary and Long Service Medal Ceremony honours HRFE members

The Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency honoured long term fire crews in a ceremony held in Halifax.

With both Federal and Provincial medals awarded for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years served, the members were presented their medals with friends, family, politicians, and co-workers (of which many would say are just as much  family as well) in attendance.  An honourary mention for a 45 year member was also given during the celebration.

As members of the HRFE, these members give dedicated and professional service through their service.  With many new recruits in the HRFE, these members also give a professional mentorship for up and coming firefighters.

Congratulations to the members who continue to provide our region with their service in their long earned recognition.

Photos below are from the ceremony, which was lead in by the HRFE Pipe and Drum band and Honour Guard.

DSC_7914_wm DSC_7918_wm DSC_7919_wm DSC_7922_wm DSC_7926_wmDSC_7909_wm DSC_7907_wm DSC_7905_wm DSC_7902_wm DSC_7900_wm DSC_7890_wm DSC_7892_wm DSC_7894_wm DSC_7895_wm DSC_7898_wm DSC_7884_wm DSC_7881_wm DSC_7879_wm DSC_7878_wm DSC_7876_wm DSC_7865_wm DSC_7868_wm DSC_7870_wm DSC_7872_wm DSC_7874_wm DSC_7863_wm DSC_7859_wm DSC_7857_wm DSC_7855_wm DSC_7853_wm DSC_7851_wm DSC_7848_wm DSC_7846_wm DSC_7840_wm sample_wmtbv DSC_7820_wm DSC_7833_wm DSC_7885_wm DSC_7835_wm DSC_7814_wm

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November 11th.