First night in Milwaukee September 2009


I made it to Milwaukee on Friday Night. The home of some of my favorite childhood tv personalities the Fonz, Laverne and Shirley!
After checking into The Hilton, I set of to explore the city. Walking down Wisconsin Avenue, which under construction in some places, I met two young women who seem to be have a fun filled Friday night. We chatted for a bit about why I was out taking photos so late in the evening. After explaining my purpose for being in Milwaukee, they welcomed me and were impressed with my description of our fair Halifax. We parted ways and I continued to stroll along somewhat lost.
I noticed there wasn’t many pedestrians even though the evening was warm without a cloud in the sky. Soon I found myself next to this huge freeway, Marquette Interchange, that unfortunately divides the city with a huge chunk of infrastructure. As you know we have the same thing in Halifax, the Cogswell Street Interchange, but it a 1/16th of the size of this roadway. I’m not a fan of such abstusive infrastructure and this one really is huge!
image Luckly I found one of the features of Milwaukee I was itching to see, The Historic Third Ward. This is the home of the Public Market, refurbished warehouses which have been converted into mixed use developments and unique shops. I expected to see throngs of pedestrians and cafe like patios packed like Argyle Street where people are enjoy a drink on a patio, chat with friends and enjoy a fun atmostphere. Instead I found a few people milling about but nothing like I’m used to at home.
I did notice a stream of pedestrians and headed in the direction they were coming from. I had discovered another destination I was looking forward to exploring, Summerfest Grounds. This weekend is the Indian Summerfest. First Nations celebrating their culture with song, dance, drumming and fireworks! I milled through the crowds checkout the vendors and the different exhibits and stages before finally taking a seat in the bleachers to watch the young women’s jingle dance. The drumming, costumes and whirling dancers was a amazing sight to see. An amazing display of fireworks capped off the night over the river.

Tired from traveling, I headed back to The Hilton via a free shuttle service provided by the City’s Transit. Mental Note: we need to follow this example Halifax! Hint… Hint!

Furthermore the Driver announced every stop. I mention our issues regarding bus passes and the blind and the Driver told me it was a federal law and that all buses are required to do so in the USA. Guess I will have to investigate this when I return home. Time for sleep.


Photo credit: redfox from Flickr

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