First Novels

When choosing my next book I confess I most often follow certain authors. Like most readers, I have my favourites and tend to stick to them. 

However, that being said, there is nothing quite so rewarding as discovering a new author. First time novelists may not have honed their craft to perfection, but often times they surprise us with their professionalism. Many are award winners the first time out.

With spring here perhaps it is a perfect time to discover new writing talent. Here are a few gems by first time authors.
The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton
Tethered” by Amy MacKinnon
Sacrifice” by S.J. Bolton
Isabella Moon” by Laura Benedict
Never Tell a Lie” by Hallie Ephron
You may just find that these new authors become old friends. You have nothing to lose…
Do you have more great first novel recommendations?

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