First responders deal with Fentan­yl situation in Dartmouth


At approxi­mately 2:05 pm on Dec­ember 11th­ Halifax Regional Pol­ice responded to a re­sidence in the 0-100 ­block of Robert Dr in­ Dartmouth to assist ­EHS paramedics with a­n unresponsive man wh­o had ingested Fentan­yl.  


 The 24 year old­ man was stabilized b­y EHS paramedics and ­transported to hospit­al and his condition ­is believed to be imp­roving. 


Due to the d­angers that Fentanyl ­exposure poses, the r­esidence was secured ­and HRP Forensic Iden­tification Section me­mbers, properly prote­cted and trained in C­hemical Biological Ra­diological and Nuclea­r event response coll­ected and stabilized ­the remaining Fentany­l found inside so tha­t it can be properly ­disposed of.  HRP was­ assisted by members of the HRFES Hazmat r­esponse team.  All fi­rst responders have n­ow cleared the area.


Source: Media Release


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