First time Trout

Some of my favorite meals that I make at home are shared with my good friend and fellow foodie Joanne. On this particular occasion, we wanted some clean, healthy food to whet our apetites. I met her at Pete’s Frootique and we proceeded to mull over the options at the seafood counter. It’s never easy when J and I make dinner as the possibilities are endless and we normally take forever to decide.

After telling the fish guy about 4 times that “Um…we haven’t decided yet”, we finally made the choice to cook trout for dinns. I had never had trout before and was seriously excited as to the culinary possibilities!

It was some pretty simple prep- we S & P’d the fish, topped it w/ lemon slices and baked it for about 15 minutes at 350. As the fish baked and the lemon juice permeated the flesh, it’s buttery flavour was given extra zing with the subtle punch of citrus.

We also got some bok choi and snow peas for a refreshing stir-fry as well as some alphalpha sprouts for a bit of earthy crunch. Sauteed in garlic and ginger with a litte lemon, our sweet, crispy veg was just the thing to complement the rich fish.

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