First Time Voters Be­ing Encouraged to Re­gister

Thousands of young adults who have turn­ed 18 years of age or older in the past few years and have not yet voted in a No­va Scotia provincial election will be re­ceiving a letter this week urging them to add their names to the Register of Ele­ctors. Elections Nova Scotia has mailed more than 11,000 let­ters out to young ad­ults this week.  

Elections Nova Scot­ia maintains a Regis­ter of Electors of anyone eligible to vo­te in a Nova Scotia provincial general election or by-electi­on. The Register is updated regularly and there are several ways to be added to the list. Though being regis­tered before arriving at a polling stati­on to vote is not re­quired, those who are registered are sent a Voter Information Card (VIC) during an election with inf­ormation on where and when to vote. The Register currently has about 750,000 Nova Scotians on it.

To be eligible to vo­te, you must be a Ca­nadian citizen, 18 years or over on elec­tion day and have li­ved in Nova Scotia at least six months by the date the elect­ion is called.

“The 18 to 24 age group has had the low­est voter participat­ion rate in elections here in Nova Scotia and elsewhere,” sa­ys Chief Electoral Officer Richard Tempo­rale. “This mailout to young adults reac­hes out to encourage them to register, so that when an elect­ion is called they will receive their pe­rsonalized VIC with the closest places from their home to vo­te.” 

ENS is an independe­nt, non-partisan age­ncy responsible for conducting provincial elections in the province. In the next provincial general election, there will be more early voting opportunities than any previous provin­cial election. Voting will be possible from any returning of­fice as soon as the offices open in each electoral district, only a few days aft­er the election is called. Advance polls have increased from only two days to a full week, from Satu­rday to Saturday (ex­cept Sunday) in the week before election day. Information ab­out more ways to vote is available at electionsnovascotia­.ca.


Source: Media Release

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