Five months later, many still unhappy with the latest Halifax Transit route changes

How are they working for you?

By James Piercey

Many transit users in Halifax continue to face frustration with changes in transit.

For many transit users, it used to be easy to get to destinations, only one bus was required to get to a location. Following the transit changes back in November 2021, people in Halifax are now faced with having to take more than one bus to get to where they need to.

Multiple transfers present an issue because the bus schedules are forced to be mapped out to where it takes an hour to get to another place.

Many Haligonians say this is an inconvenience as some of their planned routes with transit suggest they take cars to get to where they need to be, which some people cannot do as they may not have a driver’s license and have to rely on transit.

@simonpo659 says Google once suggested they drive first to the terminal in order to make the route complete.

As people rely on transit to get to appointments and work, they are put in a situation where they have to take the bus earlier than required just to get to their destination on time.

@toboldyno says they can relate to the frustration of the original post as it takes an hour to get to their doctor’s office.

@siulan2014 says they used to be able to get a direct bus to Bayer’s Lake Park, but with the route changes, they now have to go to Lacewood terminal instead.

@CaperGrrl also echoes how it used to be easier for her to commute to downtown for work by taking the bus 18, but with the changes in transit, it has been made to be not so easy anymore.

It’s been about five months since the latest round of service updates were implemented back in November 2021. How are they working for you? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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