Flavoured Products Consultation to Begin in January

Consultation will begin in January on whether certain flavours should be exempt from a ban on flavoured tobacco and e-cigarette juice.

“From day one, our approach has been solely focused on the health and safety of Nova Scotians, especially young people,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. “Our intention has always been to address products and flavours that are targeted at youth, and consultation will help us continue down that path.”

In January, government will gather input from the public through online submissions. Focus groups will be held to gather input from youth. Facilitated meetings will be held with health partners, Nova Scotia-based e-cigarette vendors, and Nova Scotia-based small business organizations representing tobacco vendors.

The ban was proposed as part of Bill 60, which amended the province’s tobacco legislation. After hearing from Nova Scotians, government decided to consult on flavoured products and have legislation to address them in the spring. The intent is the legislation will come into effect May 31, the same time as Bill 60 amendments.

Nova Scotians can register at www.novascotia.ca/dhw/flavouredproductsconsultation to be notified by e-mail when online submissions will be accepted.

Source: Release

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