Follow Up On the Crashed Boat.

The Chronicle Herald ran a Piece today where Matt Lohnes, the owner of the Boat that struck a Trot buoy in the basin says they should be lit. It sounds like he is making excuses for not being a prudent mariner.

1. The Bouys are charted as a controlled access zone on the chart (Area to the right of the Compass Rose in the upper left) Several of these zones exist around naval facilities

if the operator had looked at the paper chart, he would have known about the controlled access zone..

2. there is also a charted and marked (with buoys) route through the basin.
3. If you missed a trot bouy, what about various logs and debris floating in the harbour, that can be just as dangerous, and are much less obvious.
4. trot bouys show up on radar.
5. These particular buoys were used around Sept 23rd

Honouring Mi’kmaq History

RCMP are on scene of motor vehicle collision, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S.