Food for Two? New startup helping Haligonians explore food scene ahead of holidays

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The wonderful thing about a growing HRM is the influx of people and culture coming to the city and all the experiences and ideas that come along with that. Case in point, Food for Two, a new dining startup brought to Halifax by way of Luis Franco, the company’s founder and inspired by similar business from Franco’s home of  Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“It’s amazing that we have the chance to live in a city with so much good food and I believe Food For Two can be a guide for people to some of the best we have,” says Franco of his adopted city. “Halifax has such great restaurants but a friend once told me she stopped going out because she couldn’t find any good food. That to me was absurd and I told her that she must’ve been going to terrible places or she should go see a doctor.”

Food for Two works via its food “passport” full of coupons to some of the cities top 50 restaurants with the coupons allowing the holder to buy one dish and get the second dish for free. Each page is a different restaurant and the passports will go on sale in December via Food for Two’s website at and physical locations around the city (which can also be found at the business’ website). However, shoppers can book their pass now by going to the website and entering their email and entering a discount code if they have one (readers of this article can use the password ‘haligonia’ today).

“The passport will cost $50 and it will be launched in December,” says Franco. “By entering your email and code you will get a special discount when we launch, and access to a pre-order option. Orders through the website will have free shipping.”

Franco’s description of Food For Two as a “passport” is apt as he sees it as a way “to explore the best of Halifax’s food destinations”. The company’s mission is to help people connect better with the local food scene and experience the best of Halifax’s restaurants by way of exclusive discounts. Franco was compelled to start Food for Two after moving to Halifax and experiencing the different flavours and cuisine on offer while also feeling the city doesn’t quite recognize the special place it can be for food lovers. What’s more, Franco also saw starting the business as a way to support small business while giving back to his adopted home by giving part of the profits to local charities and programs.

“I think it’s all about changing the environment around you for the better. And I believe you do it through small actions, and you do what is in reach,” explains Franco. “Halifax is such a great city, very cool and vibrant, and our love for the city is part of why we are doing this. So to be able to give back to the city through Food For Two is truly awesome.”

Learn more about Franco and Food For Two at and get the perfect gift for a family member, friend, or someone special this holiday season.

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