For 2012: 30 Canadian Money Blogs to Read to be Money Smart

Three years ago in 2009 I wrote a list of Canadian Bloggers that help you be money smart. Well that post is my most read post each and every year.It is also on the front page of Google when you search for Canadian money blogs or Canadian frugal blogs. With that said I decided since there have been many new entrants since I wrote this list in June 2009 I would list who I read now.  These bloggers help me be money smart. I have learned from each of them. Each of them offers a different take. Some are investment bloggers, some deal with Mortgages, some are frugal bloggers, some know a great deal. All of them are worth reading and knowing. They say here in Canada, 2012 will be another hard year for many a Canadian family so I wanted you my reader to prepared by giving you a great list of bloggers who can help you chart your financial course.

These bloggers are shared in no particuliar order. Some are moms just like me, some work with money day in day out, some are bankers, some are investors, and all are money smart. If you are like me and always wanting to make the most of your dollar here is a list of great reads that will help with that:

1. Gail Vazoxlade– We all know Gail from her hit TV Show Princesses, but her blog gives us a regular dose of money medicine. I have been blessed to had dinner with Gail and a gang of other bloggers this year. Getting to know her a bit better has only made me want to read her blog more.

2. Sqwakfox-Kerry is one of those old time (meaning she has been blogging for years) personal finance bloggers. Her blog is on a number of best read lists. She is practical which is why I love her.

3. Marcy Berg -Marcy is a mortgage broker, and the owner of Mortgages for Women, I first met her in person, then started following her blog, she is smart and knows her stuff, and great woman to read.

4. Fabulously Broke in the City– is another older personal finance blog. She has gone from being broke to now have a net value of a cool $250,000 all in just a few years. She also lives simply and has another blog that talks about that.

5. Simply Frugal– Taya started her blog about the same time I started mine, so we are both almost 4 years old. She posts deals, money saving tips and even some great recipes.

6. Give Me Back My 5 Bucks. I love Krystal and her blog. She has been debt free since 2007. She also writes for Moneyville and you can even find her talking money quite frequently with me on the #cdmoney chat stream.

7. Where Does All My Money Go Preet is an investment guy. He knows his stuff and has even won a spot as The W Network’s money expert. He also let me guest post over on his blog last year so a good guy in my books.

8. Money Smarts– This blog used to be Four Pillars and then Mike started this one. Its focus is on personal finance with an emphasis on investing topics. Another long time blogger who knows his stuff.

9.Canadian Dream:Free at 45– Tim started this blog as he dreamed of retiring at 45. Well I am there now and no where near retiring. One can dream though, but this guy is showing how it can be done.

10. Ellen Roseman– is a columnist with the Toronto Star, and one of the writers on their Moneyville blog, as is Krystal. She has been writing about money for years.

11. Moneyville– The Toronto Star started this blog just over a year ago and it has some great writers who I have read all before they came to Moneyville.

12.Peter Aceto– as CEO of ING Direct, he is a voice in the banking industry that I read and listen too.

13. The Canadian Personal Finance Blog– Big Cajun Man has been blogging as well for years and simply put he talks about everything money. I love how personal he is in some of his posts.

14.Canadian Couch Potato-Dan is a journalist who knows investing. If you want to know about index investing this blog is a must read.

15. Retire Happy Blog-Jim has been talking and teaching money for 20 years. He offers money talk that is timeless.

16. Boomer and Echo is a fairly new find of mine. They are 2 guys who want we all want to retire knowing we can manage. Really I am enjoying discovering this new read to me.

17. The Asian Pear– Is a young woman I love to read, she writes about day to day what she is doing to save, and lives in a very practical way.

18. Bargainista– I love Eden. She doesn’t write a lot about money, but she does know how to find a great deal, and is actually very money smart as I can attest because I know her in real life now too.

19.Smart Canucks is another blog that helps you find a great deal, or freebie, for me it helps me to be frugal.

20. Canadian Mortgage Trends is a blog all about the Canadian Mortgage industry. If you need to know what is happening and how it can effect your mortgage this is a blog to follow.

21. Canadian Capitalist is a blogger with Moneysense. Ram has been writing about about money for years and is well worth reading, he truly knows Canadian money.

22. The Wealthy Boomer is a blogger and writer with The Financial Post. He is also an author of get this a a financial romance. That alone is reason to read what he writes.

23.Million Dollar Journey-also writes about investing, he is a young man on a journey and on the way he shares everything from best credit card to have in your wallet, to index investing.

24. Thicken My Wallet– This blog written by the president of an investment company offers much in the way of personal finance talk and investing.

25. Bank Nerd Need to know anything about banking, then this is the blog you want to be following.

26. Financial Uproar Nelson is young, just starting out, but I love his wit, and for a young man he is very smart.

27. Mrs. January is another frugal mom like me, who is trying to be money smart. She shares deals and some great practical posts on saving money.

28. Sustainable Personal Finance-this blog written by a couple shares the story of meeting money goals while being eco friendly and green.

29. Nickel by Nickel– Another new find of mine, an east coast gal who wants to keep track of her money nickel by nickel

30.Common Cents Mom– Of course I want you to come here and learn, and grow with me as I move forward. For me this blog will be about having real money conversations and sharing things that help me day to day, whether it be frugal, or finance I will continue to share my journey here.

And don’t forget you can connect with many a Canadian money blogger on Wednesday nights on Twitter 7-8pm EST for the #cdnmoney chat. Come and join the conversation and may you get the insights you need to be money smart.


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