For kids under six?

What a difference six years can make.

From this:

Alex - few hours old

To this:

Alex - 6th birthday

Where does the time go?

My little boy turned six years old today. It was a big day for him – Alex has been counting down to his birthday since the end of November, each day moving his cupcake marker a day closer. Today we enjoyed the big snowfall, went sledding and bowling with friends, opened presents and ate some really yummy chocolate cake. (Because what's a birthday without a cake?) His official party will be on Saturday, another big day he is waiting for, quite impatiently now.

The past six years have been a crazy combination of the best and the hardest times of my life. It's been said before, but for me, being a parent really is like having my heart walking around outside of myself. I love that little guy. Happy birthday Alex!

To bring this post back to having *something* to do with HRM Parent and not just being sentimental ramblings, this birthday of Alex's is a big one for HRM Parent as well. You know, "HRM Parent, for families with kids under 6"? Yeah, I don't have a kid under six any more. Oops. So I've decided that HRM Parent will grow up with Alex! Over the next few months there will be some changes to the site, reflecting the fact that HRM Parent is now for families with kids of all ages. But I really believe the under six years are unique and a time where parents really benefit from extra connection and community, so HRM Parent will remain very much focused on this age group. No scary changes, I promise – just extra information to benefit families with older kids too.

If you have any suggestions for changes or information you'd like included for older kids, please do leave a comment below.

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