For your eyes only: Burn after reading

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Alright, alright, so technically there is no “burn after reading” on this thing we know as the interwebs.

But here’s the deal. A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to take a poll to help me choose a pen name for me as a YA writer. I even opened it up to an “other” section where one person cleverly suggested Alice S. Grace (get it, as in @AliasGrace?). Someone else (oh, I know who you are) suggested Verity Fairchance. Maybe one day if I decide to become a romance novelist who specializes in sexy Canadian frontier stories?

In any case, the winning name—a last minute addition thanks to Book Madam that I instantly took a liking to—has now been given her own blog and other social media accounts for you to follow. She’ll also be writing at (un) Death-Match as I retire from the site to pursue the separation of two lives. Rest assured though that no matter who you’re following, it’s still me deep down inside.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, not much if we’re being completely honest here. Except, if you come here for writing tips and advice that content is all moving to my alter ego’s website. East Coast By Choice will still continue to provide you with guest posts from the lovely people who inhabit this region of Canada along with my take on things, just not from the perspective of a writer per se.

That’s it. You’ve got the scoop, dear readers. Whether you choose to follow me in my other life, that’s totally up to you. But if you do wander over, thanks for your early support as I set forth on this path to become a “published author.” And thanks to all of you who put up with this distraction for the past few months.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.


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