FPQT Test: Just who DOES fit into a Runway Size Zero?

Ally: Official Intern Eden totally scored at Value Village this week. She picked up a coveted Chloe dress. This one in fact:


I like to imagine she got the dress right off the runway, as it’s a real-life size zero. Not the “Gap size zero” as Eden so aptly states. So I wondered aloud (ok, over Facebook with Eden), who could fit into a runway size zero?

Why, Eden’s toddler daughter. That’s who! This raises the bar on the whole “dress-up” game.

I’m also completely loving it on Eden, and I’m sure a wicked tailor can alter the zipper issue. Or she can rock it open, whatevs. Carrie Bradshaw would.

So jealous. So, so jealous. Also, lady really hasing posing down. She can throw a kick-ass pose. Next time Eden visits, I propose a posing class. Photos will be taken.

I believe this would be Eden’s Favourite Friday item.

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