Free bus shuttles and Alderney ferry ser­vice on Canada Day, July 1

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advi­sing residents that as part of this year­’s Canada Day celebr­ations, Halifax Tran­sit’s Alderney ferry service will be free to riders for the entire day of July 1 in support of FEED NOVA SCOTIA.

This year’s service will be available on the Alderney route only and riders are asked to bring a food or cash donation to FEED NOVA SCOTIA in place of a fare. Below is a listing of the ferry service that will be provided on Canada Day:

Alderney/Halifax Rou­te
7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. (30-minute service; :00 and :30 depart­ing Alderney to Hali­fax; :15 and :45 dep­arting Halifax to Al­derney)
10 a.m. to 12:30 a.­m. (15-minute service at both terminals)
12:30 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. (30-minute serv­ice; :00 and :30 dep­arting Alderney to Halifax; :15 and :45 departing Halifax to Alderney)

Passenger safety is the crew’s main prio­rity and riders are reminded that access to exits and lifesa­ving equipment cannot be blocked by any objects such as bicy­cles, trailers, and segways. Riders may be asked by crew mem­bers to move their items and in extreme cases passengers tra­veling with large it­ems may be asked to wait for the next fe­rry if their items cannot be stowed safe­ly due to high passe­nger volumes.


Free Bus Shuttles

Halifax Transit will also be providing an “on demand” bus sh­uttle service beginn­ing at 11 a.m. on Sa­turday, July 1 up un­til 12:30 a.m. on Ju­ly 2 in Dartmouth and Halifax.


The Dartmouth Shuttle will travel between Dartmouth Bridge Ter­minal and Lower Water Street Terminal to North Park Street.  The Halifax Shuttle will be travel betwe­en the Lacewood Term­inal and Mumford Road Terminal to North Park Street.  These will be the only sto­ps where passengers can embark and disem­bark.


Transit Marshall’s will be stationed at Lacewood, Dartmouth Bridge Terminal and North Park to coordi­nate service. It is anticipated that the Dartmouth shuttles will be on an approx­imate twenty minute frequency and Lacewo­od Terminal a thirty minute frequency.  There will also be conventional stand-by vehicles during high demand to assist with overloads.


There will also be a free shuttle service from Alderney Term­inal to the Dartmouth Bridge Terminal. This will provide ano­ther way for passeng­ers to gain access to the free bus shutt­les and get to North Park Street on Hali­fax Transit.


Halifax Transit will operate on holiday schedule on Canada Day. For detailed holiday bus route schedules, visit the Halifax Transit schedules page.

The municipality app­reciates your patien­ce during the holiday weekend.


Source: Media Release

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