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Friday Favourites: August 1st Edition

L-A: You guys, if one of you knew about Boden and hasn’t told me about it, well then we need to talk. Because I literally need this top:



It’s a striped top with a collar that sparkles.

I don’t know what pounds mean in Canadian, but I know I need to come up with 39 of them. Probably more considering I could easily imagine myself wearing 90% of what’s on that site. If a guy can start a kickstarter for potato salad, I can have one for striped shirts – right? (My husband doesn’t seem to understand. He laughed at the use of the word “need”, but let’s be real. I need it).

The other thing I’m loving this week is this jam:


The song reminds me of being 22 and the amazing summer that it was for teen movies at the Acadia cinema and getting drunk and going to the Axe. Good times. And I just love Tokyo Police Club these days, so this is a big ball of summer awesome for me. (I am bummed to see that TPC will be at Pop Explosion while I’ll be chilling in the KDubs).

I’m also really on board with the fact that I bought one of these bags that everyone has basically had for the past five years.



There are bags I might want more in life (hi Marc Jacobs!), but I got tired of looking like a hobo on all my work trips as I try to carry purse stuff plus my laptop. Carrying 2-3 bags on the train or plane is just too much. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never see my lip gloss and pens again.

Okay, let’s long wknd everyone!

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