Friday Favourites – the short and sweet July 19th edition

L-A: What up, Friday! I almost want to sing Rebecca Black since she’s attempting a “comeback”. Instead, let’s kick the week off with what is going to be the crappiest pop video we’ve ever had on the blog:


Crappiest Pop Video Ever

Click here to view the embedded video.

I’m sorry about that. Because I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

2. Only Mariah Carey makes a dislocated shoulder look this good


In case you’re wondering, and I know you were, she had multiple bedazzled slings made to match all costume changes.

3. This dress is killing me

I was at the Mercedes-Benz Start Up show in Kitchener last week (totally random coincidence. Also, more details on that later) and fell in love with this dress by Kaela Kay:


Sorry model about getting you with your eyes closed.


Amazeballs, amirite?

4. Weird thing I’ve been thinking about all week.

So, I try really hard to wear sunscreen. And having it in my moisturizer and foundation helps. But the thing I’ve been thinking about lately is – why only in the face moisturizer?  Why not in the stuff that goes on arms and legs too? I think I started thinking about this when this stuff showed up in my mailbox (what up, Klout perk!)


No idea if this stuff works. It appears to be sunscreen with a hydrating ribbon – whatever that is. But seriously? Why no SPF in my mosturizier??

5. Buying grown up furniture

This is kind of an awesome thing. I bought a fancy grown up couch! And a grown up credenza! (which is just a grown up thing to do because who needs a credenza when you’re still rocking pine shelves from Home Hardware?). Check this bad boy from Gus Modern out:


We got it at a local place called Schreiters in a dark grey. The only trouble is, I now care about whether my cat pukes on my couch.

6. Funtimes Contesttimes! 

Want to see The To Do List? It stars a former Random Style Icon, Maeby from Arrested Development and Jason Street from Friday Night Lights.

Click here to view the embedded video.

We’ve got five passes from She Does the City for Halifax folks to go see it at Park Lane on Monday night. You want in? Since the movie is set in 1993, tell us your favourite song or fashion item from 1993 and we’ll pick five winners. I have a feeling one of my favourite fashion moments from that year would have been along the lines of this:

lace vest


Good times.

We’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.

The Polka

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