From 12.37 to 5.83: A 5 year journey

From 12.37 to 5.83: A 5 year journey

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It is has been 5 years since I wrote about living in Toronto on 12.37 a day after rent was paid. I was a single mom on welfare raising a special needs child.

I am still a single mom with a special needs child.

The difference now I have a full time job that I love in Social Media. I learned the land of Social Media over a 10 year journey in blogging, in being apart of many a social online experiment, and was able to use that knowledge to go from being a welfare mom, to some one who is working, providing and giving back.

So my heart this week was more then heavy after I read this post on the #HOHOTO blog. Could you live off $5.83 cents a day? I know how hard 12.37 was. (That was $370 a month for everything). My food budget 5 years ago was $160 a month and I had to supplement that with the food bank. Plain fact is some days I went hungry. I was lucky in many ways though I volunteered when I was on welfare twice a week at the food bank, so I was able give back and keep food on the table most of the time.

But I couldnt imagine having only $5.83 a day. That is $175 a month for everything. Can You?

Welfare rates have not risen, where rental, food, and transportation all have in the last 5 years. It is getting harder and harder to put food on the table and everyone is after the few pennies we have. Those are the facts.

More and more today working people are now using food banks because the fact is it is getting harder to make it to pay day for many folks.

Many of us who live and love Social Media have supported #HOHOTO the event, but this year, can we take it even further. Can we do more?

I loved the swear jar idea, but how about foregoing the office party, and donate what you would of spent on food for the food bank? How about foregoing that hostess present and making a donation instead? how about giving up coffee runs for a week? There are many ways you can dig a little deeper. Think creatively.

I know how hard 12.37 was, I can imagine 5.83 can you?

Remember most who end up using a food bank never expected they would. I know I never thought I would be a mom on welfare needing to use it. But I was.

If you can’t make it to #HOHOTO you can always give direct to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Are you planning on supporting your local foodbank this holiday season?


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