From Hospital Bed to Honor Roll

IMG 1187 300x300 From Hospital Bed to Honor Roll

My Teen One Year Later!

Yesterday was a day of tears for me, but they were tears of absolute joy and gratitude. Even this morning I am so full of thanks.

You see my dear teen has gone from being in a hospital bed after a mental health crisis, and a mental health diagnosis that she may have to live with throughout her life, to being an honor roll student with several friends, all in one year.

It has been a very difficult year especially at the beginning but I am so grateful for the incredible team we put together to get my daughter healthy. From friends who gave great advice and were rocks of support, to an employer who switched my hours as needed for hospital visits and often let me work from home so I could be with my daughter, to the medical team we put together for her. I want to say a very special Thank you to all who have been part of this path with us.

When you are addressing any kind of a health challenge I have learned one of the most important things you can do is get a great team behind you, supporting you and encouraging you along the way. Yes I can to be chief cheerleader, advocate, and coach but there are so many of you that were a blessed part of team Rachel. Thank you!

To my friends who kept me sane and healthy as I helped my daughter, thank you.

To the wonderful Jamie and Maria, her first teacher and EA on this journey Thank you.

To Ed Schild at the Regesh Center and Dr Michelle Marshall, Thank you.

To our online friends who often asked about my teen, who sent love and prayers, Thank you.

It has been a long year but I would do it all again in a heart beat, to get my teen to where she is a happy healthy honor roll student.

Most of all my daughter has been brave, fierce and amazing to watch on this journey. Today I just want to celebrate, and part of that is Thank you.


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