Fun Event Promotion Time! – Dress for Success, Annie Thompson Oh Dina!

Ally: As I write this on Tuesday night, I’m already looking forward to the weekend. I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, but I really think you all should be checking out the Dress for Success Halifax’s Clothing Sale. I picked up some great items at the last sale, and I promise you will as well!

Purses, shoes…all for a great cause. Send me the photos of your purchases? Yes?

The other event I’m really hoping to check out is the Annie Thompson Trunk Show.

I checked out her website, and I think it’s bo-ho enough for my heart.


Not sure about the lipstick. If L-A and I ever get off our asses and do another challenge this might be it. Wear bright yellow (?) lipstick for an entire workday without irony.

L-A and I were lucky enough to receive a personal invite to the show from the designer’s publicist. This means we won’t have to kiss random hotel owners in order to crash a fashion event. Cough, cough.


Great shag though, and I’m not talking about what she did prior to these photos being taken. Hair. Great hair. Sort of. Considering.

 L-A: I don’t have up-coming events for you, I have a past event – the Oh Dina! trunk show at Lady Luck Boutique/ Hydrostone Gallery (in the adorable Hydrostone neighbourhood. Second best in the country and also home to moi).  Milliner Nicole McInnis is super adorable and crazy talented. Her fascinators are amazing. And she’s no Johnny Come Lately, jumping on the Duchess Kate bandwagon – she’s been doing this for awhile now. In fact, she was sort of surprised by the sudden interest in her work.

I’ve loved her work for awhile now. I borrowed one of her feather fascinators for the royal wedding breakfast (same fascinator was worn at our first birthday party). Intern Krista visited her last trunk show and this time I was able to check it out. I’m pretty sure if the husband hadn’t shown up when he did, I would have started spending some serious cash money.

Anyway, I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking:

oh dina fascinator

You could live out a Gossip Girl dream with this one.

oh dina fascinator

You'd be the best dressed guest at a wedding with this on.

oh dina fascinator


oh dina fascinator weddings

For the ladies who are getting married and aren't down with the traditional headgear.

oh dina fascinator

It also doubles as a killer brooch. She wet each piece of silk and rolled it up before creating the flower.

oh dina fascinator

0 0

the artist, Nicole McInnis

While talking to Nicole, I learned three really exciting things:

1. Holiday trunk show will involve a lot of glitter.

2. She’s relocating back to NS (splitting her time between Halifax and NYC. NYC being the place where she can do some serious shopping for the pieces and fabrics that make up her fascinators). When she moves back, FPQT gets to go on a field trip to her studio.

3. Two words: Nautical. Collection. (You know I’m on board with that. Pun totally intended). I almost can’t wait for it to happen.

1 1


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