Funding from Gaming Remains Stable

Profits from the province’s regulated gaming industry increased 1.6 per cent in 2017-18 over the last fiscal year, providing funding to support important programs for Nova Scotians.

Figures released today, July 19, by the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation show its payment to the province for the year was $146.9 million compared to $144.6 million in 2016-17.

“The sustainability of Nova Scotia’s regulated gaming industry depends on it being managed in a socially responsible manner,” said Bob MacKinnon, president and CEO of the Crown corporation. “That’s where we come in, and we’re proud to return 100 per cent of the profits to Nova Scotians for essential services like health care, roads, schools, sports and cultural programs.”

The corporation works to ensure the regulated gaming industry offers games that are fun, safe and responsible to adult Nova Scotians who choose to gamble. Recent results show that 81 per cent of Nova Scotians support its commitment to responsible gambling. Working closely and collaboratively with Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Casino Nova Scotia, the corporation offers oversight and training to an industry that employs more than 500 Nova Scotians.

Overview of Nova Scotia’s gaming industry for 2017-18:
— $146.9 million payment to province
— 512 full- and part-time jobs for Nova Scotians
— $38.7 million in commissions for 1,335 small business owners
— $6.6 million for the prevention, education and treatment of problem gambling
— $7.8 million to fund important community-based programs, including sport, culture, and the arts

The corporation’s flagship program, Support4Sport, continues to be the largest single source of sport funding in the province and Nova Scotians raised $3.8 million this year to support athletes of all abilities. An additional $4 million was raised through the Support4Culture program for Nova Scotia arts, culture and heritage, up from $2.3 million last year. The
Support4Communities program continues to help charities achieve fundraising goals. After helping non-profits raise $125,000 this year, Support4Communities has now raised over $1 million for good causes.

“We’re looking forward to continuing the good work we’ve accomplished this year. We will do that by remaining focused on our commitment to Nova Scotians,” said Mr. MacKinnon.
The 2017-18 financial statements are available at .

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