Funding Supports Bike Rack Project in Bridgewater

Government is supporting a sustainable transportation project in the Town of Bridgewater with the installation of 39 bike racks.

Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey, on behalf of Energy Minister Andrew Younger, announced today, Nov. 21, that government will provide $8,900 to the Town of Bridgewater to help with the project.

“The Town of Bridgewater has taken a strategic, ecological approach to establishing a network of bike racks across town,” said Mr. Furey. “Bridgewater has been an ongoing leader in active transportation in our province and we congratulate them on their forward vision.”

The Town of Bridgewater refurbished the stainless steel bike racks, which were donated by the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre.

The town will install 25 bike racks throughout town, 12 bike racks at Bridgewater Elementary School and two more in Petite Riviere.

“The Town of Bridgewater has an excellent active transportation plan and these bike racks will make it easier to use a human-powered mode of transportation to get around,” said Mayor David Walker. “As we move toward establishing a sustainable community, initiatives such as these will be helpful for residents of all ages. We’re grateful to have support for our project.”

The project complements the town’s Active Transportation and Connectivity Plan, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, and the Downtown and Waterfront Master Plan.

Funding for sustainable transportation projects is part of government’s Sustainable Transportation Strategy. Visit for more information.

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