Funding Supports Design Study for Pedestrian Overpass

Government is supporting a design study that will better connect Truro-area residents to services with a pedestrian overpass.

The overpass will be part of a paved, 1.2-kilometre multi-use trail that will extend over Highway 102, near Exit 13. The overpass will be designed for pedestrians to safely travel over the highway.

East Hants MLA Margaret Miller, on behalf of Energy Minister Andrew Younger, announced today, Dec. 19, government is providing $37,500 to the Municipality of the County of Colchester to commission the study.

“Determining how best to build a safe, accessible pedestrian overpass that will better connect residents to community services shows the municipality’s commitment to sustainable transportation,” said Ms. Miller. “We’re pleased to contribute half of the design study cost.”

The overpass and multi-use trail will help people travel on foot or by bike from Truro Heights and Millbrook First Nation to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, the Colchester East Hants Health Centre, a nearby commercial district and downtown Truro. The trail and overpass will connect the Truro Heights Road to the Abenaki Road.

“We have two great new facilities in the community, our Rath Eastlink Community Centre, and our new hospital,” said Bill Masters, deputy mayor. “The new multi-use trail, including the pedestrian overpass, will provide residents with a safe and easy way to enjoy the health benefits of these two facilities.”

The study will be completed in March. Construction on the overpass and the multi-use trail is expected to start later in the year.

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