FUSION Chair Connects, Engages Inspires

Jennifer Berry, Chair of FUSION Halifax, sent the following e-mail to members and partners last week. Jennifer’s passion for and commitment to Halifax is evident in her words, and also her day-to-day work. Here’s what she had to say:

Hello all

I am writing to you today in my capacity as the 2010/2011 Chair of FUSION Halifax, to thank you for your support and to give you a quick FUSION update. For those I have not met, I welcome the opportunity to  meet and talk about all the wonderful things happening at FUSION Halifax. Please drop me a note to connect.

Now, just a little bit about me: I joined FUSION Halifax Board in 2009 and became Chair in November 2010. I was born here, left for a time and came back, because Halifax is my city, my home and the only place I really want to live. I believe we are extremely privileged to live here. I actually feel it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to make this a place where many more people will chose to live, work and stay. Being a leader in FUSION Halifax is a perfect way for me to do that work – enough about me.

I am extremely grateful to Peter Moorhouse, Alyson Queen, Cheryl Stewart and their teams for building FUSION Halifax into the inspirational organization that we are today. I am quite excited about adding our little piece to their legacy. My first four months as Chair have been both challenging and rewarding. I feel honoured and privileged to work alongside an incredible group of difference makers, within FUSION and in the broader community. Thank you for embracing the idea of FUSION Halifax, for believing that Halifax can be the most vibrant city in Canada, and for working together to make it happen! FUSION Halifax is growing rapidly and we are engaging more and more young people every day. We are counting on you to continue to connect, engage and inspire with us!

I have inserted an excerpt from our recent newsletter below. This is an overview of our top priorities for the year. We will, of course, work on other projects and events throughout the year, but these are the overall organizational priorities.

A few ways to keep in touch: subscribe to our newsletter, join us on Facebook and follow us on twitter at @FUSIONHalifax and please do get in touch to tell me your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I look forward to connecting with all of you in some way in the coming months.

Warm Regards,



FUSION Halifax Priorities

Each year, FUSION’s Board of Directors sets priorities based on what we hear from our members and what we see happening in our community. We start by reviewing the feedback we receive through the Dream Wall where members share their vision for the city. This year, we also conducted a membership survey that provided members with the opportunity to rank the areas of focus.

FUSION’S 2010-2011 priorities are:

Making a Living in HRM – Supporting & Operating Local Business
Independent business, entrepreneurs and local talent are core to sustaining a strong community, healthy economy and vibrant downtown core.

Making a Living in HRM – Establishing a Career 
Regardless of your field, developing a rewarding and successful career and having access to the resources that can help you do it is a key ingredient to contributing to a strong, vibrant Halifax. 

Sustainable Transportation
Whether it’s walking trails, cycling paths, car sharing or transit systems, a range of transportation options will contribute to the sustainability of HRM.

Civic Engagement – Democratic Involvement
Being knowledgeable about government policy and direction at all levels is the first step in actively engaging in the issues that impact our city and region.

Civic Engagement – Volunteerism
Volunteerism and engagement is an important part of a healthy community and FUSION members have the talent and experience to contribute to a wide-range of community programs and initiatives.

Jenb  Jennifer Berry is the Chair of FUSION Halifax. Learn more about her and her organization here. 


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