Gambling and Online Casino – A Very Special Economic Sector

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Gambling is a complex topic, ist the ensemble playing of psychology, philosophy, sociology and history. But one element is the most powerful and significant one: It’s the instinct and need to play, which makes human beings stick to it.

Playing means that you can escape the restraints of your ordinary, regular day to day life. It’s even like stepping out of your social role, because in front of the slot machine  at gamdom canada everyone’s the same, it doesn’t matter if you are Jeff Bezoz or a regular, everyday, normal guy.

Even the Court of Justice of the European Union points out that it is not possible to disregard moral, religious considerations surrounding lotteries and all kinds of gambling activities.

Due to the fact that Casino, Gambling and Lottery have large amounts of money they work with, they have high potential to become victims of organized crime. Money laundering is just one of the problems the gambling industry has to deal with.

There is a natural suspicion towards gambling, but states have acknowledged its traditional nature. In ancient Greek, people bet on the winners of sports events like gladiator fights, horse races and events like the olympic games. Roman emperors prayed to the goddess Fortuna to organize lotteries designed to fill their coffers. So gambling has a long history and it was always seen as ambiguous by society, just like today.

There are three stages which can be identified in the history of online gambling: in the 70s, first videogames were developed, causing that traditional slot machines, coin-operated ones to be slowly replaced by casinos; in the 1990s, the Internet made a big step and an even bigger impact on the society, because with the technical requirements people just can connect with each other over a server, doesn’t matter where they are from and where they are at that moment.They just have the opportunity to play together now;

A software provider established in 1994 was the first company, which saw potential in combining these innovations, mentioned above and started the production of online software. In the year 1995, online games had found a customer base and reached a quite high popularity; at this point of development of the internet and online based games and applications, security wasn‘t even a thing to care about and was missing completely. That year, a company made an essential contribution with the development of a system to verify virtual transactions and financial operations online. In 1996 the first online casino was launched under the name Intercasino.

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Couple decades later, there are no coin based slot machines anymore, most of the casinos are online based, have high technical and security standards and are top notch equipped with the best of the best. All of the market leaders offer a minimum of 100 different ways to gamble online, that was not even a thing to think about in the good ol‘ days. Nowadays you can play several types of slot machines, for example at gamdom canada, table games like roulette, card games, online poker, lotteries and many more. You can place bets from $0.01 for some slot machines or spend a couple hundred dollars for big blinds at those Texas hold ’em poker tables.

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