Gambling Industry in Canada

The gambling industry in Canada has been severely impacted by the pandemic outbreak, with fewer gamblers venturing into land casinos. Over the last year, punters have been choosing the safer option of betting and gambling at online casinos. The situation in Canada is no different from other regions, which are experiencing a dip in demand.The gambling industry generates around CA$31 billion, with 15% in local taxation. Land-based casinos have to meet new requirements and standards to stay open, or they will have to close shop altogether. The new rules at land-based casinos mean more gamblers have been turning to online casinos during the lockdown.

Gambling patterns are changing due to the current situation, and online casinos are
experiencing a boom, with income far exceeding the whole of 2019. The economic and social benefits for each Canadian province are improving, while charitable organizations reap the benefits. Alberta generated CA$1.4 billion, and another CA$330 million was distributed among local philanthropic organizations. Ontario made even more, with CA$6.3 billion in revenue last year. Other provinces with gambling revenue of over CA$1 billion include British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces, according to data by the Canadian Gaming Association.

What are the Benefits of Online Gambling?

The majority of Canadians prefer gambling at online casinos regulated in the country for better protection and reliability. Moreover, they offer a safer online environment with better data protection. Numerous advantages attract players to online casinos besides enhanced data security. They include bonuses, cashback deals, promo offers and other attractive perks. Cashing out is a crucial aspect, as players want their winnings fast, and the choice of gaming and betting options is a deciding factor.

What are the Best Banking Methods for Canadians?

Regulated online casinos in Canada, such as Betnero, tend to offer withdrawal methods suitable for locals. InstaDebit is ideal as it was explicitly created for banks in Canada and has teamed up with many Canadian gaming operators. The digital wallet iDebit connects to a local bank directly, so players don’t have to use a credit or debit card. Paysafecard is another popular option accepted at online casinos in Canada. Players have come to expect efficient customer support via phone or live chat and superior service. Mobile accessibility is another prime reason players love online casinos. The high-quality smartphones and tablets offer, along with mobile
compatibility, is a tangible advantage.

Online Gambling in the Future

It seems likely that as the current Covid-19 situation prevails, the demand for online services will continue to expand. The big winners in the pandemic are those businesses that migrate online and operators already in the marketplace. Online casinos provide a viable, safer and better environment if the threat of contagion remains palpable, and social distancing rules, limitations on group gatherings, and other mitigating measures remain in force.

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