Gambling – Why Are Gender Participation Rates More Equal in Canada?

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More and more Canadian citizens gamble than ever before, making it a significant part of many peoples’ lives. Typically, it’s assumed that men do it more than women. However, research indicates the bias is changing around the world, including in Canada.

For example, shows that participation rates are closer than most people imagine in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with no fewer than 44% of women wagering in some form in a four-week period. The same applies to the genders in Canada, but what are the reasons behind the increase in equality?

Mobile Appealing to Women

Mobile technology has opened up new avenues for casinos, especially remote establishments. A prime example is the number of people who gambled in casinos by provinces in 2016. According to, only 77% of residents in Ontario had placed a bet at some point in their lives.

The figures highlight how the percentage of people wagering is higher today as a result of advancements in mobile technology. As a result, women have been encouraged to play more since 55% of all female gamblers in Canada do it on their mobile phones, making the country the only nation where they outnumber male mobile-based online bettors.

A direct knock-on effect is the rise of new mobile-friendly platforms, such as Fruit Kings casino. A visit to shows how this relatively recent website appeals to mobile users. We can see it accepts streamlined payment methods such as PayPal, popular with mobile users, as well as a responsive web design.

Bingo Is Back 

There’s plenty of data to suggest that bingo is back in a big way around the world. In the UK, revenue from the game in 2020 generated more than $1 billion. Canada isn’t much different because different states and provinces are reporting how bingo is adding to revenue booms.

In 2016, highlighted how the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made $166 million from its operations thanks in part to bingo. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation was the same, with the game making up $71 million of its highest net income in the same period.

The figures continue to grow to this day, and women are the main drivers behind the push as the format appeals to their gaming habits. With more providers offering bingo services, the gender gambling participation rates in Canada are shortening.

Appealing to a Sporting Audience

Source: Pexels

Unfortunately, the gap between men’s and women’s sporting media coverage is substantial. Therefore, it’s hard to fully gauge the impact it has on female bettors. But there are glimmers of hope that indicate appealing to a women-dominated sporting audience is paying dividends for sports and betting companies.

For instance, in golf, the PGA and WPGA are trying to open up accessibility to the fantasy industry sector. As a result, viewership among millennials, including men and women, has skyrocketed according to The same was the case in 2019 when the Women’s World Cup secured global viewing figures of 1.2 billion, a number said was a record.

With mobile technology, the reintroduction of games such as bingo, and the rise of sports betting among women, the gender participation rates in Canada and the world are becoming more equal.

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