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Usually I find seasons of Game of Thrones very slow to start, only getting exciting during the last couple episodes. But this season has been different, I’ve liked almost every episode – even though there have been individual storylines that leave a bit to be desired.

Sunday night’s episode, “Second Sons”, is the third last of the season and a lot happened. I’m looking forward to the final two installments.

Arya and The Hound

Move aside Jaime and Brienne, there’s a new pair of unlikely traveling comrades in Westeros. Last week, Arya got taken by The Hound. Seeing as he’s one of the people on her hit list, it was both dangerous and an opportunity. But he’s not as villainous as Arya thinks. He’s an opportunist. When she was about to smash a rock over his head in his sleep, he saw her and told her she had one shot – kill him and be free, fail and he’d cut off her hands. She didn’t take the chance.

Later, The Hound told Arya that she could be in possession of worse people. Men who would rape and kill people, and he told her that he’d saved Sansa from the mob. I’d actually forgotten about that myself. He plans to take Arya back to the Twins so he can sell her back to her family, so they’re both happy.

Second Sons and Dragon Mothers

There were some fantastic Daeny scenes again this week. I love when she gets to be powerful, but also incredibly calm and cool. This week she met with the leaders of an army to try and reach an agreement instead of attacking. The men were misogynistic and gross. One was very handsome, and not as rude as his pals. The handsome soldier beheaded his comrades when they demanded that he kill Daeny. He’ll fight for her now, as will the rest of his army. That felt a little too easy, but I’ll take it.

got - melisandreLeeches

Melisandre has Gendry, and plans to kill him. She took him to bed first, tied him up, and then covered him in leeches. Ew!Honestly though, I just have no interest in the Stannis stuff. He went to visit his friend in jail, and it took me a minute to even remember what had put him there.

It’s a Nice Day For a Drunk Wedding

got-sansa and tyrionThere was a lovely moment between Tyrion and Sansa before they married. Tyrion is always so glib, the way he struggled to express his feelings to Sansa showed how tormented he was by their wedding. He can’t tell her that he loves someone else and that their marriage will simply be a sham that keeps her safe, but that’s the truth. Instead he just promised not to hurt her.

I hated that Joffrey got to give Sansa away in place of her father, who HE killed. Disgusting. Then he removed Tyrion’s step stool, just to make the whole thing more humiliating. But! The payoff! First, Tyrion refused Joffrey’s demands to go on with the bedding ceremony and threatened to cut off his own… well, you know. He was drunk, trying to cope with the idea of bedding a fourteen year old girl. Instead, he decided to go against his father and told Sansa that he wouldn’t share her bed until she wanted him to. Which, for Sansa, would ideally be never.

Another sweet moment came when Shae arrived to change the bedding and realized that Tyrion had not slept with Sansa.

White Walkers

The episode ended with Sam and Gilly, two characters that I’ve never really cared much about. They were looking for shelter and got attacked by a White Walker, and Sam killed it with a fancy dagger. I know this should be exciting, but I’m just not as intrigued by these White Walkers as I’m supposed to be.

Still though, I thought it was a great episode. What did you guys think?

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