Gaming in Nova Scotia

Gaming doesn’t seem to lose popularity over the decades. The legislation may change and extra regulations might be added, but gaming fans will find a way to enjoy their favorite games be they bingo, casino games, or otherwise. Pretty much every country has a stance on gaming and how it should be regulated. That’s why there are gaming laws as well as gaming authorities that make the operators play by the rules.

Canada is a country where gaming is pretty popular and legal. There are lotteries, land-based and online casinos as well as bingo halls and bingo sites, among other forms of gaming. There are 13 Canadian regions where gaming is enjoyed according to the laws of the country and one of them happens to be Nova Scotia. The people in this region like to enjoy a variety of games. Gaming in the region consists of Nova Scotia online gambling such as visiting online casinos and bingo sites, but the residents also like to bet on sports and play the lottery. In that regard, there are certain details about gaming in Nova Scotia that you need to be familiar with.

The Legal Aspect

As mentioned before, some laws govern the gaming process in each country. The Gaming Control Act has been doing so since 1992, but this is the law that covers horse betting, casino facilities, as well as lotteries, and bingo. But this act isn’t alone when it comes to regulating gaming as there are additional gaming laws and bodies to provide them.

The first one is the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority which was formed in 1995. Then you have the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation which is behind the 2 casinos in the region. Finally, you have the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and its portal that allows residents to enjoy online forms of gaming. Now that you’re familiar with the bodies and regulations, let’s look at the various categories of gaming available in the region.

The Gaming Categories

Certain states will legalize specific kinds of gaming. The Nova Scotia region has decided to do so with several of them. In that regard, here are the legal gaming categories in the region:

  • Land-Based and Online Casinos – Nova Scotia boasts 2 commercial casino facilities located in Halifax and Sydney. These are the land-based casinos that casino fans in the region can visit when they’re looking to play some of their favorite games. When it comes to games, they offer a variety of slots and table games. They also offer other entertainment options for visitors not interested in casino games. 

The situation is similar when the same casino fans visit online casinos. They will get sites that offer a variety of live games, table games as well as online slots, and other forms of casino games. There are thousands of such sites available online and Nova Scotia residents can access them via the ALS portal.

  • Poker Rooms – There are 2 poker rooms available at the land-based casinos in the region. They are the only places casino fans can enjoy real money games. Another thing to note about poker is that people can play it at their homes and the host of the game can’t make money or charge the participants any fees.
  • Sports Betting – As with casino gaming, residents can bet on sports online and offline. Horse racing is popular offline and the region has one horse track. The same bettors can join an online sportsbook and bet on a variety of sports. Simulcast betting is another form of sports betting they can enjoy.
  • Lottery – Certain countries host state lotteries and the same can be said about Nova Scotia. This region has several lottery variants lottery fans can enjoy. They include Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Hot or Miss, Salsa Bingo, and the Daily Grand. They are the biggest lotteries that come with spectacular prizes. Lottery fans can also enjoy them online.
  • Bingo Games – Bingo halls are available across Nova Scotia and most of them participate in charity events. VLTs and slots are also available at these premises. Also, bingo fans can go online and enjoy bingo variants.

A Bit of Statistics

When you look at the overall situation in Canada, you will conclude that gaming is a popular pastime with Canadians, and in turn residents in Nova Scotia. They have a variety of gaming options that are regulated by authoritative bodies. Those that have a specific interest in a certain kind of gaming options will find offline and online alternatives when they’re looking to switch things up.

They can enjoy their favorite gaming options in facilities all over Canada and Nova Scotia. Although gaming has been going down according to statistics, it still hasn’t lost its potency. Casino and bingo games, lotteries, and sports betting are still popular prospects that give operators a reason to keep on going. The institutions that are in charge of making sure regulations are followed do their job which is why both Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole will see changes in the gaming market.

Depending on future tides, the gaming market might increase or fall and the current rise in cases of gambling addiction will prompt legislators to propose and vote for new laws to keep gaming fans safe.

The Future of Gaming in Nova Scotia and Canada

As mentioned before, operators seem to be doing fine despite the outbreak of gaming addiction cases. This is something that they are taking seriously as they are working with authorities of Nova Scotia and Canada to root it out. The online region of Nova Scotia gets up-and-coming virtual venues as various brands are looking to make a name for themselves. New operators will come with a variety of sites online and the established ones will continue to be popular. This is an indication of what the future of gaming will look like in Nova Scotia and Canada. Time will tell what will happen to the gaming market.

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