June 29 gas price update, rising by 18¢ on July 1st

Ed note: We will keep this page updated over the next 48 hours with price changes.

As of June 30 at midnight: Gas down 3.6¢, diesel down 5.8¢

Gas prices in Nova Scotia are set to rise by approximately 18 cents starting on July 1st. This increase in gasoline costs will be felt by drivers across the province, resulting in a more expensive time at the pumps.

Despite the government’s assurances that the rebate will offset the additional costs, there is ongoing debate regarding the effectiveness and necessity of the carbon tax.

The federal government, however, aims to alleviate some of the burden through quarterly rebate cheques. The rebate amounts vary depending on the individual’s location and family size, with a single person in Nova Scotia receiving $124 four times a year, while a family of four with children under 18 will collect $248.

While the government claims it is about creating incentives to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, critics argue that it will ultimately cost individuals more than they receive back. The introduction of the carbon pricing system and the subsequent rise in gas prices in Nova Scotia has sparked discussions about its impact on people’s finances and the overall goals of the tax.

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