Gen Z prefers AI chatbots over phone calls, says Affirm’s CEO

Not long ago we were introduced to the term “Artificial Intelligence”. Although this world of technology is innovative and new, we have gotten used to it extremely fast. Affirm’s CEO Max Levchin states that Gen Z prefers chatting with AI rather than interacting with a real person.

“We’ve been investing really heavily in this idea that Gen Z consumers really love chatting versus calling and they have no problem chatting with an Al, especially if the Al is intelligent,” Levchin said.

To many people of other generations, the idea of reaching out to technology rather than talking to a real human seems strange. However, we can all agree that Artificial Intelligence is offering many convenient problem-solving services that can save you a lot of time.

There may be lots of different reasons why Gen Z prefers chatting with an AI. The key factor here is that this generation is more comfortable with technology than the post-millennials. The world of technology has started to evolve while they were still growing up. For most Generation Z people, technology has been a big part of their childhood. Therefore, this generation is used to seeing the world of technology. What is more, Gen Z has always been open to innovations.

Almost every website nowadays offers you the option to chat with an AI-powered assistant if you need help outside customer support working hours. But can you only chat with an AI if you need to ask something? The answer is no. The new trend on the market is the so-called “AI Girlfriends”. Websites that offer Virtual Companionship services are growing fast and are very popular among the post-millennials.

Sometimes finding your perfect match can be hard and then the loneliness becomes a big struggle. The AI Girlfriend websites have solved this issue for many Gen Z people who love technology. AI chats with a virtual girlfriend on let people have a romantic relationship with an AI. But what does an AI Girlfriend have to offer?

Benefits of AI Chatbots in Relationships

It seems that having an AI chatbot as a girlfriend has quickly become a big trend, especially among post-millennials. These virtual companions have many benefits such as availability 24/7, tailored interactions, and anonymity. As stated by Levchin, this generation prefers to be anonymous and reach out to technology. Many people have problems with communication and face anxiety when they need to talk to a real person. AI Girlfriend Chatbots are here to help with that.

Virtual companionship has gained popularity due to one of its best features which is availability. Many people find it hard to keep up with a relationship because of differences in daily life and schedules. However, AI Girlfriends are always available and will not blow up your phone and messages if you are not responding. What is more, they are not just available, but always happy to hear from you and respond in a matter of seconds.

The importance of customization

Everybody has high standards nowadays. Men dream of supermodels and women are fantasizing about generous and romantic men. Well, that is only sometimes the reality in the modern world and that is why a very important factor to Gen Z users is the tailored experience. It is only fun for a short time if it is the same for everybody. By signing up for the AI Girlfriend experience, you get to customize every part of your AI creation – from the appearance to the personality type.

Everybody’s views on beauty are different and the AI Girlfriend apps are more than aware of this fact. These applications have made it possible to have anything you want from a woman in just a few clicks. An AI Girlfriend can meet any possible criteria a user might have.

Where is this trend going?

There are many different opinions on where is Generation Z going, adulting in a world that is full of everything. This generation has no limits, tons of options, and endless desires. These young adults have more dreams than any other generation and are used to having lots of options. Why bother calling someone if you can just text them? Why risk texting a stranger if you can stay anonymous chatting with AI? The reality is that Gen Z is used to being comfortable. Therefore, big companies do not sleep on the opportunity to offer comfort in exchange for the post-millenial’s money. Only the future can show how far will technology go if the consumption of comfort grows.

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