Getting Back On Track

eat-like-crapIt’s been a whirl wind couple of months; Deciding to move to London. Leaving my job (a great job at that!). Giving up my apartment. Dealing with leaving Coco, my dog and best friend behind for 3 months. Moving to London. Getting settled. Adapting. It’s been a little crazy and a little overwhelming, but worth every second of it so far! Yesterday, someone I follow on Twitter (@BradGouthro) said this: “Moving out my house has been hard on my nutrition. Tough to eat clean when you don’t buy groceries because you don’t want to move them.” All I have to say to this is AMEN!! When we decided to move, we didn’t realize that our diet and fitness regime would go down the crapper. For many people, this happens because you don’t want to buy a bunch of groceries before moving. But even if you do buy some groceries, you have nothing to cook with or eat off of because you packed everything up 10 days before you move. Once you start moving, if you don’t hire movers (FYI: everyone should hire movers) you’re so tired from moving that you don’t feel like going to the gym or doing anything active. This wasn’t any different for us. We ate like crap because it was quick and easy and were far too exhausted to hit the gym regularly for a few weeks. The only thing that was different was that once we were moved out of our place, we had nowhere to live for 2 weeks before we left, which of course kept affecting our diet and gym routines. We spent the night at a different place almost every night and didn’t have a kitchen to call our own, so how were we suppose to cook and eat well? If it weren’t for Coach Guthrie and his kettlebell classes that we took right before leaving, we both would have put on about 20 lbs. Fast forward a month and we’ve only just began to get things back to normal. I actually ended up putting on 8 lbs over the last month and a bit. When we got here our diet still wasn’t great, we weren’t sleeping well and we didn’t have a gym to go to. We were both pretty cranky and weren’t loving how we were feeling or looking. Fortunately for us, we’ve got our shit together now and we buy our own groceries and cook at home again. We have a gym and have been training really hard the past week and a bit and we’re both back on track and feeling a thousand times better. We’re no longer cranky and we are both feeling good again. It’s funny how something like diet and exercise can change your entire life! When I’m eating well, working out and taking care of myself, I feel a million times better than when I’m not. My self-confidence is up, I’m more social, I feel better about who I am, I’m healthier overall and it’s all noticeable. No wonder I love what I do.

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