Getting the best out of the festive period Amid The Pandemic

2020 is arguably the weirdest year in recent history. More than before, a bit of celebration at the end of an epic year to cushion the harsh reality of the past few months. A normal festive season is packed with indoor and outdoor fun activities that include carnivals, ceremonies, celebrations and shopping. But this is no normal year. Considering the pandemic and different ongoing restrictions on movements and gatherings still in place, families and businesses more than ever need to get creative to keep alive the Christmas spirit while keeping people safe.

Be part of the surge of online shopping

If there is any positive to be taken from the year, consumers are now open to learning and exploring different digital options. Mobile technology now plays a major role in creating a new culture of service delivery that include online shopping, appointments or bookings. More brands are devising ways to bank on the catalyzed digital transformation to bring their services to the screen of their consumers.

 The innovative mobile marketing employed by top brands ensures faster experience and a 360-degree view smoothening the consumer purchasing decisions while providing the brands with in-app market research and signals for better conversions and customer satisfaction. With more businesses going digital, it is imperative to have a strategy to maximize the mobile-native economy. This pandemic-festive season is the perfect time to try out new brands or old ones that offer better prices, exclusive offers, more product and unique selections. To avoid shipping delay frustration, likely to be caused by strains on logistics, retailers and producers need to be clear with consumers on the likelihood of longer deliveries. And customers may need to purchase from online stores with that in mind.

Have a load of fun playing online games

Combined with rapid technological evolution, the recent pandemic has boosted the attention of internet users seeking to have fun without breaking the movement restrictions. While many people play online games for fun, many others prefer to play for real money. Nowadays, the iGaming industry offers players tons of games to players, from classic to innovative and trendy. As the lockdown will most likely keep everyone indoors, Online casino operators are adjusting their services to fit in everyone with the legal age of gambling.

Due to this, Canadian players are spoilt for options choosing the casino site that fit that preference as both operators and players are adjusting to the new reality as well as innovations. Some online casinos have multi-player games such as Royal Dice, Wild Booms, Poker Texas Holdem, Bingo and so on for a quality family time. Playing at a Canadian Quality Casino will add some spice and cash to your holiday.

Organize and produce a theatre or ‘Christmas Carol’

Cloud-based video conferencing services have been on the rise in the last few months, as people searched for ways to work or socialize virtually. Zoom, for instance, is an essential tool used by professionals to communicate remotely but will come handy for families during the festive period. The obvious option is to watch movies and Christmas tales with friends and family. You can take a step farther, coordinating or hosting your Zoom performance. 

A get-together at this time, virtual notwithstanding, create fondly, unforgettable memories with no family members missing out. Still want to make far more memorable festive periods. Create a mini tv show, capturing different events from funny to annoying. Or run a zoom app all through dinner and its preparation with friends and family having fun in sync. The goal is to create a truly unique experience more interesting than watching and listening to people on video calls.

End the year on a high

No doubt, many families’ annual family tradition will not be the same this year. With a bit of creativity, you can add some spices to the season and take some edges off. 

Get creative and put smiles on the faces of friends, family, and neighbours.

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