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Girls – “Where do you get your headbands?”

HBO Girls Marnie Allison Williams That. “Where do you get your headbands?” That is maybe the best thing Marnie has ever said.

Despite my lukewarm feelings on last week’s episode of Girls, I think this season has been on fire, and I loved Sunday night’s episode in all its uncomfortable, unlikable glory.

“I made a mistake in trying to repurpose you.”


Nothing bundt trouble.

Elijah’s out, and it’s for the best. I enjoyed his short-lived role as a source of drama in Hannah’s life, but he had to go. He moved out, and we got more of the titular girls this week. I’m pleased.

Hannah threw a dinner party just for the sake of drama and organic pad thai. That’s basically what happened. She invited Charlie and his new girlfriend, she invited Shosh and Ray, and she invited Marnie “as a gesture”. The poor girl brought wine and flowers and couldn’t have been more unwanted. Everything Hannah said was simultaneously hilarious and disgustly lacking in self-awareness. “Continue to have a ball” and “I love what I made” really tied everything together.

It was nice to see Hannah defend Marnie though, even though they’re going through a friendship rough patch. Even though they’re on bad terms, Hannah knows Marnie’s not in a good place. Marnie can be insufferable at times, but I couldn’t relate more to her wish for someone to just tell her how to spend her life. I’ve been there.

“I would have, I don’t know, bought new sheets.”

All of Shoshanna’s scenes were golden. The explanation for why she and Ray were late was funny, but nothing beat her slow, horrified realization that she’d moved in with a boy and didn’t even know it.

The subway stop scene was much sweeter and more emotional than their hilarious dinner conversation. I love Ray and Shosh as a weird, inexplicably in love couple. Shosh deserves better than a 33 year-old barista that doesn’t have any hobbies, but I’m still rooting for them.

“I am going to look fifty when I’m thirty.”


Big mistake.

Meanwhile, Jessa’s first meeting with Thomas John’s parents was a disaster. She revealed that she only attended Oberlin for seven months, before leaving for rehab – for a heroin addiction. Snorting, not shooting! Major difference. She doesn’t have a job – but does her own hair! Thomas John’s dad was a creep – he likes movies about schoolgirls who fall in love. And his mother had pinned Jessa as a gold digger from the get-go.

Jessa and Thomas John had a huge fight over it, he realized what a colossal mistake he’d made and cruelly asked her how much money she wanted.

Poor Jessa. As we get to know a little bit more about her life, I am beginning to have a little more sympathy for who she is. The last scene was just perfect. Hannah’s in the bathtub singing an Oasis song, Jessa walks in and scares the crap out of her and then climbs in the tub. She did something gross, but Hannah loves her anyway. The crying felt more real than perhaps any other crying I’ve seen on TV. (I know, I know, Claire Danes. I always felt she overdid it.)

I assume Jessa will take the eleven and a half thousand bucks from Thomas John and move in with Hannah, right? Because she can’t go traveling and still be on the show.

Fantastic episode. I watched it twice and loved it even more on the second go-around. What did you guys think?

Girls – “Where do you get your headbands?”

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