Glee – Vintage Fever

Glee – Vintage Fever

YouTube sensations for very different reasons.

I’ve decided to start recapping Glee with the same amount of effort I think the writers put into the storylines. So, something a little more detailed than bullet points.

I was nervous about this episode since when you think disco you think the Bee Gees, and sadly one of the Gibb brothers is very sick right now. A Bee Gees joke would not be well received. So, let’s see how the episode went.

Opening Number: This is good, since it contains three glee club members I still enjoy. This show has been seriously lacking in the Brittany S. Pierce department lately.

Of all the seniors Will Schuester is concerned about, he chooses Finn, Mercedes and Santana? Just how many of these kids are seniors, anyway? Because I mean, we can start with the fact that Brittany has the level of intelligence of a kindergartner. And Puck is planning to move to California with no life plan. And, oh yeah, Quinn is in a wheelchair. Also, Quinn is inexplicably absent from this episode and no one misses her.

Glee – Vintage Fever Unique: Oh, were you worried that a disco-themed episode of Glee would be unable to deliver an after-school special lesson? Silly reader! Of COURSE Glee delivered an after-school special life lesson. Enter Wade, a student from Carmel High who envisions himself as a woman named Unique – a fabulous mix of Andre Leon Talley and Beyonce. He wants to go on stage at Regionals as Unique, wearing a dress and heels. The advice Mercedes and Kurt offer is… open-mouthed stares. Great.

The kid playing Wade is Alex Newell, another The Glee Project runner-up. I know his arc won’t be long, but I wish they’d at least introduced us to Teen Jesus a little more before throwing yet another character into the mix.

Naturally, Sue Sylvester turned this sensitive topic into a chance to be villainous by encouraging Kurt and Mercedes to convince Wade to perform in drag. Because she wanted him to embrace his true self? No. Because she wants to win. Classy.

So You Think You Can’t Dance or Sing

Will sings in falsetto and holds a Saturday Night Fever dance competition, and he selects his three “at risk” seniors as finalists. And then he immediately tells them it was all a ruse, and demands that they plan to sing a song from Saturday Night Fever and then share their “dreams” with the class. Wow, this is really good mentoring! I’d say that my dream is to never sing from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. (This would be a lie. I love that soundtrack. I am also the least cool person ever.)

Mercedes: Mercedes went first and was fierce, but then she told a sad story about how she’s not sure she’ll be able to get a recording contract and be the next Whitney. Foreshadowing told us that instead Sam would turn her into a YouTube sensation… because none of these spotlight loving kids have done YouTube covers yet?

Santana: Santana’s performance was alright, but not sassy enough for my liking. Schu tried to push her to go to law school (what? where did that come from?) but Santana is all about the fame. That line “I’m gonna be famous if it’s the last thing I do” was sort of ominous though, wasn’t it? If Matthew Weiner were running this show, Santana would be dead by the end of the season.

Instead, Brittany put a sex tape up of her and Santana – spliced together with footage of Lord Tubbington performing everyday household chores, of course. Congrats, Santana! You’re famous!

How Shallow is Your Love?

How long must we endure this back and forth with Rachel and Finn? Good Lord. Rachel, just move to New York and be a Broadway star. Finn, take a mechanics course at the local community college. Instead, Rachel decided to try and be a supportive fiancee for a spell. I’m sure she’ll go back to self-centered diva very soon.

In fact, Finn threw all the college pamphlets that Emma and Will gave him in the garbage. And then he had a little tantrum about how he’s not good at anything. What do you do when a teen throws a cold dose of reality in your optimistic teacher face? You throw Saturday Night Fever into the VCR. Yes, VCR – McKinley High can rent a lit-up dance floor for a glee club rehearsal, but they don’t have DVDs yet.

I will never forgive Will Schuester for being the reason I had to hear Finn Hudson sing in falsetto. All the couples dancing was cute, though. The Finn told Rachel that he wants to move to New York and be John Travolta. And he wants to go to acting school. Um, guys? Neither Finn Hudson nor Cory Monteith can act, so this is a tough storyline to buy.

Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen

Wade did perform in drag, and Vocal Adrenaline coach Jesse St. James freaked out. It was a fun performance, and even though the small town Ohio audience reacted with astonishing support, I enjoyed it. However, a storyline this complex really needed to be explored more than it was here. I mean, get real. High school boys in small towns cannot just put on sparkly high heels and be instantly beloved. I wish life worked like that, but the world is cruel.

Later, we discovered that Sam did put that video of Mercedes on YouTube, and there were hundreds of positive comments. Now that is the most difficult to believe detail Glee has ever tried to pass off. People on who comment on YouTube are the lowest of the low.

We also discovered that Sue had applied to the University of Louisville on Santana’s behalf, and she’d been accepted with a full cheerleading scholarship. Because apparently you can do all that behind someone’s back. Oh well. Santana is going to college! I’ll abandon Glee to watch that spinoff.

Finally, everyone pulled their favorite white suit out of the back of their closet (what, you don’t own one?) and performed “Stayin’ Alive” together. Even Sue!

Overall, I actually thought this was an OK episode. You know, if we’re grading on a curve and pretending that people like Quinn and Karofsky have never existed. What’d y’all think?

Glee – Vintage Fever Glee – Vintage Fever Glee – Vintage Fever


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