Glitters and chromes, and more

The buzz at nail polish blogs in the last few days has been China Glaze new Glitters and Chromes collection. Rumour has it (the website isn’t updated about this collection yet) that there’ll be about 50 new shades, and I am itching to get my hands on some. They are gorgeous!

What special about this collection is China Glaze offers 7 shades that are Sally exclusive. I went to check it out today, hoping they’d have them in already. And I found them!

There were 6 shades left on the display and I got 5. First row, from L-R:
Nova – silver glitter plus multi-colored fine glitters
Medallion – gold glitter plus multi-colored fine glitters
Cleopatra – old gold/bronze glitter
Millenium – silver chrome metallic, and
24 K – gold metallic.

The 6th colour is In Awe of Amber (bronze) which I already have a while back, I guess it’s a re-release.

I missed Atlantis – blue/green glitter, which is unfortunately the most gorgeous colour. I’ll check back every Monday (when they restock) to see whether I can be lucky, lol.

I also found some colours from Retro Diva collection (which they called something else on the display – don’t know why). Not all shades were there, I only picked the ones I liked. Second row, from L-R: Free Love (reddish orange), Cruisin’ (tangerine-y orange) and Stroll (berry red/ burgundy with fine gold glitters). Wish they had more there.

There is a promotion coupon on Sally’s flyer this month: Buy 2 China Glaze get $1 off (can only be used once, so even if you buy more than 2 bottles, $1 is all you can save). I had the coupon for $5 off $25 order but they didn’t let me use it with the $1 coupon, lol, like I cared about that $1 saving. Just so you know, to plan your purchase wisely.

I will also have to be on the hunt soon for the brand new China Glaze Matte Magic Top Coat being released October 5. I heard the SpaRitual Amigo matte top coat sadly gives a satin (and not matte) finish which isn’t what I wanted, so I’ll probably return it.

The sun begins to burn off the morning fog on a cool Thursday morning in Bedford.

Frosty fog


It’s fall and the leaves aren’t the only thing turning red…