Golden Globes. Who killed it and who bit it hard.

AllyG: Ooh! A special additional post today! For those who missed it, L-A and I live “tweeted” the Golden Globes red carpet. It included some incredible insight such as ” bedazzled porcupines. that is what is on Drew’s dress” and “ had a sexytime dream about Billy Bush once. Sadly, it was good” You can guess who said what!

For the “bit it hard” category:


Why a pale redhead would choose a nude/light pink ruffled prom dress is beyond me. I’m not dissing pale redheads, I’m as pale as they come and dye my hair strawberry blonde, also I heart Anne of Green Gables. It’s just so completely wrong on Nicole. What is with ruffles these days anyway? WHO BROUGHT BACK RUFFLES? Unless we are talking chips (and even then you better be bringing the dip as well) I don’t want to hear the word ruffles. Everah.

Who killed it:


Emily Blunt is ridiculously beautiful. Always has been. But…is it just me or does she look better since giving Michael Buble the ol’ heave ho? Now, my friends, Emily here can wear a light pink/nude colour. That is because her SKIN IS NOT LIGHT PINK. The colour, fit and matching accessories makes this my fave of the night.

L-A is “working” so she may not be able to provide her fave/worst outfit of the evening until later. Until then, discuss amongst yourselves!

Ally xo


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