Golf, Utility and Transport Vehicles recalled due to fuel leak hazard

**** Recall via Health Canada


Common name: Certain model year 2019 Club Car Gas powered Golf, Utility and Transport Vehicles
Product description: This recall involves model year 2019 gas powered Golf, Utility and Transport vehicles, which vary in size, models and colours and are used for short-distance transportation. The recalled vehicles can be identified by the model and serial numbers. Serial numbers are above and to the right of the accelerator pedal. The model number is the first two letters of the serial number.

Golf and Transport Vehicles:
Model Model Number Serial Number Range
Tempo Gas 2+2 BY BY1910-953754 to BY2002-039481
Tempo Gas BX BX1905-944274 to BX2003-039920
Onward 4 Pass Non-lifted Gas BS BS1910-953760 to BS2003-041012
Onward 4 Pass Lifted Gas BW BW1910-953767 to BW2003-041068
Onward 2 Pass Non-lifted Gas BQ BQ1924-981193 to BQ2003-041072
Precedent Gas DF DF1929-987941 to DF2002-039479
Precedent Villager 4 Gas DJ DJ1929-987934 to DJ1950-014893
Precedent Villager 2 Gas BJ BJ1910-953915 to BJ2002-039525
Onward 6 Pass Non Lift Gas AY AY1945-024474 to AY1949-033252
Onward 6 Pass Lifted Gas AW AW1945-024475 to AY2003-041004


Utility and Transport Vehicles:
Model Model Number Serial Number Range
Carryall 300 Gas MC MC1902-939803 to MC1936-003158
Transporter Gas MK MK1901-938752 to MK1936-001620
Transporter XL Gas SK SK1907-948159 to SK1932-994341
Transporter XLC Gas ZV ZV1908-949040 to ZV1928-987110
Villager 6 Gas SE SE1903-941645 to SE1936-003004
Villager 8 Gas SF SF1902-941407 to SF1936-003040

Hazard identified: The Golf and Transport vehicles may experience a fuel leak from an improperly-routed fuel line, posing fire and burn hazards. The Utility and Transport vehicles, under continuous operations with low speed idling periods and a full gas tank, may allow fuel to leak from the fuel vent, posing a fire hazard. As of July 15, 2019, the company has received no reports of fuel leaks in Canada, and no reports of injuries. In the United States, the company has received 4 reports of fuel leaks, and no reports of injuries.

Consumers should immediately stop using the vehicles and contact Club Car to schedule a free repair.

For more information, consumers may contact Club Car toll-free at 1-888-227-7925 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online.

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