Good Food

photo credit: flickr user maistora

Months ago a friend of mine mentioned that there are organizations in Halifax that deliver organic food to your home. A blog post I read recently reminded me of this and I googled it. I gleefully discovered that it’s true! You can have organic produce and a few other grocery items delivered to your home.

The company is called Home Grown Organic Foods and they operate a food delivery service as well as a store at 6188 Allan Street.

The user interface of the website isn’t pretty, but it didn’t take too long to figure out. I placed an order today and accidentally set delivery for Wednesday, but since I have no money, I meant to set it for Saturday. I sent off an email to the address given, so hopefully that all gets figured out.

I ordered the single size food box of fruit and veggies meant for one or two people ($30), plus a few other items like goat’s milk yogurt and organic salsa. Hopefully it’s not too much, though I’m going to have to significantly change my eating habits anyway if I decide to commit to a bi-monthly delivery. Which isn’t a bad thing, not at all.

So we’ll see what happens on Saturday morning! Or more importantly, what happens in the following days as I figure out what to do with good, healthy food.

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