Gosh Army

Ladies, say hello to my little Gosh Army from Shoppers, lol. I know I went overboard, but they were all 75% off, so I got 4 items for the price of one. With this price, I could afford a little more with this brand.

A few weeks back, I spotted the “Now or Never” shelf with Gosh and Quo items at 30% off and said I’d wait until they were 75% off, as I saw it happened before. And that time was this weekend, I was so excited to see the shelf was still full of stuff. And I can’t help but grabbing an “army” while I can.

Gosh Eye shadows – singles don’t have names, so I’m just gonna call them by numbers. From L-R, first row: 254 (black), 282 (purple-ish blue), 284 (green), 283 (yellow) (CAD3.25 each) and Natural Blush in Juicy Peach (CAD4).
Second row: Gosh Eye shadows – Duets Silver/Grey, Golden/Chocolate, Aqua/Mint and Apple/Lime (CAD3.25).
Third row: Gosh Effect powders – Blue Whale and Green Python (CAD3.25), Quo Optical Illusion foundation in Tan (CAD5.25).
To the right are Gosh Waterproof Eye shadow sticks in Love That Dolphin (blue), Love That Moss (olive), Love That Pink (pink, duh, lol) and Love That Cool Mint (green) (CAD3.50).

I can’t wait to put these guys in action, the colours are gorgeous! There were Quo Cooling Gel Shadow pencils and shimmer eyeliner pots at 50% off, but I’m gonna wait on those. If they are gone before they put them on 75% off, I’m fine with that 🙂 Check your Shoppers to see whether these are on clearance.

And these colours are what I am rocking this weekend – China Glaze Golden Enchantment on top of China Glaze For Audrey. I like Golden Enchantment and its partner Fairy Dust, as they are fine glitters that add some jazz to the base polish. Too bad the effect doesn’t show very well in the picture. I like chunky glitters once in a while too, I found they can brighten my mood. Unfortunately, I’ll have to change back to a neutral/nude shade tonight. I always hate it when I have to remove the bright coloured polish on Sunday night, as they are not appropriate for work 🙂

The weather was perfect today, hot but we still had the breeze so it was very pleasant sitting in the shade. We went to the park that looked down the water. While Squirt was busy at the playground, me and the bf sat on the bench looking at the waves and the boats sailing by. Very peaceful. So not ready to start a new week just yet! Are you?

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