Government Releases Independent Hydraulic Fracturing Review Report

Energy Minister Andrew Younger has received, and publicly released, an independent review of hydraulic fracturing today, Aug. 28.

David Wheeler, president of Cape Breton University, was commissioned to review the social, economic, environmental and health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, and make recommendations about its current and future role in Nova Scotia’s onshore petroleum industry.

“We appreciate the efforts of Dr. Wheeler and his panel to help inform government’s decision on whether or not hydraulic fracturing should be a part of Nova Scotia’s onshore oil and gas development,” said Mr. Younger. “It will be considered along with other sources of work and input to reach our conclusion.”

The review started in August 2013. All submissions, presentations and documents for the hydraulic fracturing review are available online at .

“Nova Scotians are very interested in this subject,” said Mr. Younger. “I have read every letter that has come across my desk representing all points of view on this issue. I will consider the hydraulic fracturing review report as part of our decision on hydraulic fracturing and will respond to the report once we’ve had a chance to review it thoroughly.”

For more information on the independent hydraulic fracturing review, and to download the report, go to .

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