Great 97-cent haul

Hi guys, when I’m posting about a haul not in a weekend finds post, it means something. It means there must be great deals somewhere that I can’t help myself from buying more. The truth is I went to Walmart on the way home today just to return some stuff, but while I was there, why not browse around, just to see whether they have any new products. I already checked their flyer in the weekend and saw no remarkable sales, so I didn’t expect anything.

But I was speaking too soon. Right on the counter/cashier inside the cosmetic section, I saw a small carboard display with NYC logo on the side, and it said 97c. I was like “Whaaat?”. Everything in that box was in deed 97 cents, so of course I hauled. Check it out.

On the left are the Eye 2 Eye Colour & Contour shades. I can’t find product info from NYC website, so you will have to bare with me and my pictures for now. Heather Plum (pink and plum) on the top and Blue Smoke (blue-ish grey and charcoal) on the bottom. The larger side is supposed to be the hightlight colour and the smaller side is contour. Makeup Alley gave Heather Plum 4.5/5 and 83% of people who reviewed the product would purchase it again. I couldn’t find a review of Blue Smoke there, guess Heather Plum is more popular. I did a blog search, only found a review on Lady Lostris and she didn’t like the Eye 2 Eye she got (Pink Ink). Mixed reviews right here, so it’s gonna be up to you to decide whether to get these or not. I personally think with 97 cents a piece, I wouldn’t complain even if they do not work out so well. So far I have had pretty good luck with NYC products, so we’ll see.

At the bottom are the Mod Quads – Creme Liner and Eyeshadow collections. From L-R: Far Out Fawns, Bell Bottom Blues and Peaceful. It doesn’t really show clearly in the picture, but Peaceful has wavey pattern on the shadows while the other 2 don’t. I don’t know whether it’s an indication of different finish of the colours or not. No info on NYC website either. Makeup Alley has only 1 review on it, rated 3/5 but the lady would buy it again. Lady Lostris, in the same post, said the pigmentation is not good and she had to pack the colour on if she wanted it to show up. I might try one out, if it is like what she said, I’ll return the other two.

On the right are the Liquid Lip Shine. From L-R: Iced Orchid (it looks more pink than the swatch on NYC website), Pearl Glow and Black Cherry Frost (these 2 shades aren’t featured on the website). And Lady Lostris liked them. As long as they are not sticky and don’t smell funny, I’m happy.

Last but not least, in the middle is Powder Blush in West Side Wine. I do find West Side Wine on NYC website, but it is the “Cheek Glow”. The one I got has the same shade name but nowhere on the package said Cheek Glow, so I can’t tell they are 2 different products or just a name change. I might keep it as a backup for my Cover Girl Cheekers, but I wouldn’t get to it right away, as I have some Adorned with Grace’s mineral blush waiting in line already.

There were a few more items in the box, like the mini tweezers, roll-on glittery gloss and the brozing face gels but I passed. If you like NYC brand and wanted to spend some small change (like 97 cents) to try them out, get to your Walmart quick, as the stuff would go fast with the price this cheap. Note that these 97-cent items are not on the shelf where regular-priced products are, so make sure to look for them.

Some more items I picked up: Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Shield Friction Preventer Stick and Rub Relief Strips. I’m getting ready for summer heels, you see? All prepared, just need to get my heels out of the closet, lol. These ones were on sale for CAD7.50 each ($2 off from regular price) and I saved a bit more using a $2 coupon from for the strips.

Sale alert: Walmart has new price on all Rimmel nail polish. They are now CAD2.50 a bottle instead of CAD3.15 like when I got my first bottle of Camouflage. Nail polish bloggers raved about Rimmel’s Camouflage, so I gotta get myself one. Now it’s cheaper, I wouldn’t mind getting one more, maybe share the love with my mom and sis. There are a lot more beautiful shades on the shelf for your grabby hands, so take your time there, and breath!

Another sale alert: Certain Blistex’s lip balms are on sale for CAD1 a piece. I picked up Mint and Rasberry Lemonade Blast (new) with SPF15. Feel good to protect my lips from the sun this summer already!

That was it for my Walmart unplanned shopping trip. Thanks for stopping by.

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