green gardens

Cheerful polkadotted foxgloves growing in my very green garden. These days, living in Halifax is like living in the Equatorial rainforest. Day after day of grey, steamy, hot, humid and wet weather with the very, very occasional glimpse of sun. I was awakened at four am this morning by the deep rumbling vibrations of thunder. A storm passing through the night. Today will be more of the same…..although……do I dare say it?…….it looks as though the sky might be getting brighter.

On the Paul McCartney ticket front, I have sold two prints to one person, so at this point, if no one else purchases, they are also now the proud owners of a Paul McCartney ticket:) Anyone else want to jump in, buy some art and have their name entered in the draw? Really great odds:) You have until Wednesday.

Also, for those of you who might not have seen it, I have a new Shelagh Duffett “fan”page on Facebook where I will post sales, new items, etc. Trying to separate personal from business. I don’t use FB much at all but thought a page devoted to my biz ventures might be helpful. Sign on to join the fun:)

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