Green T-Shirt As A Must-Have For Summer 2022

Green is asociated with nature and peace, but it also is the colour trend for 2022. From spring to winter, you will be sure to be always on trend if you choose this colour for your garments or accessories. And what garment is more versatile than a T-shirt? So, if you do not already have a green T-shirt in your wardrobe, you should start thinking about getting one. It is perfect for both men and women, it can be worn in multiple occasions and with a variety of outfits. 

Other than increasing your wardrobe count, there are many other reasons to have a green T-shirt. Here are some.

It looks good on anyone

Green is a good color for anyone. You should just pick the shade which looks best with your skin colour. If you have fair skin, you should opt for seafoam green, mint green or sage green. If your skin tone is medium to darker, emerald green, moss green and neon green will definitely compliment you complexion.

It comes in various shades

As said before, when picking a green T-shirt, you do not have to be restricted to just one shade of green. You should pick the right shade for you depending on your taste, your skin tone, what you plan to wear it with or the occasion. Green Wordans T shirts, for example, come in different shades and can be selected based on your personal preferences. 

It can be worn in several occasions

Green T-shirts can be worn in multiple occasions. From formal to more casual events, you will never look inappropriate. Green blends well with various colours, so you will have a wide choice when deciding what outfit to wear for your next event. For example, you can wear them in occasions which could be stressful, as job interviews or dates, because the green colour sends relaxed vibes and make you seem confident and at ease.

It has positive meanings

Green is the colour of health and life itself. It symbolizes peace, happines, growth, and balance. In addition, green makes you look fresh, younger and fun. Lighter and brighter greens evoke a sense of vitality, energy and liveliness. Darker greens, instead, help reduce stress and tensions.  

How to wear it

So, now that you know the importance of green T-shirts, you need to know how to wear them as well. Green can be a tricky colour to match. However, if you follow these suggestions, you will always look fashionable.

  1. Wear it under a jacket to look more formal. If your T-shirt is dark green, wear it with a black jacket. If your T-shirt is light green, wear it with white or beige jackets.
  2. For casual events, wear it with jeans or pastel shades. Contrasts create fresh and vibrant looks. 
  3. Skirts are a perfect match for your green T-shirt and allow you to create different outfits. Depending on the shade, you can choose colors like brown, beige, navy, white or black. 
  4. For a sophisticated look, add black or gold accessories. This combination is also perfect for professional environments. 
  5. Combine it with prints. In summer, tropical prints are the perfect combination for your green T-shirt


The value of green T-shirts in your wardrobe cannot be overstated. Moreover, you will never get bored finding new ways to wear or match them.

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