Groundhog Day and Lost

Today is probably the coldest day Halifax has seen this winter. The forecast low is -26 windchill. I froze my legs off walking to work from Squirt’s school, horrible.

I wouldn’t blame the groundhogs who predict the winter this year. Our “Shubenacadie Sam” is proudly the first one in North America to predict the weather and he saw his shadow this morning at 8am. This means winter will stick around for another 6 weeks. Yuck.

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On a positive note, Lost returns tonight for the last season. I found myself in a position of both wanting and not wanting to watch it on tv. I hate to wait another week to know what happens, and by then I’d hardly remember what happened the week before. Previous seasons, I waited till the DVDs came out and watch them all together, lol. This year, it’s gonna be hard with so many people talking about it on twitter (spoilers, lol).

Someone tweeted song parody that pretty much sums up what people want to know. If you are a Lost fan, I know you’ll be having the same questions 🙂

Stay warm, everyone!

Terry Kelly in concert

Lone male holds up Windmill Tim’s