Guest Restaurant Review: Sushi Nami – Dresden Row

Date: 2012.04.02 | Category: Eats, Guest Blog | Tags: Where: Sushi Nami Dresdon Row LocationTime: Late Dinner 8:45 pmDin...

Date: 2012.04.02 | Category: Eats, Guest Blog | Tags:

Where: Sushi Nami Dresdon Row Location
Time: Late Dinner 8:45 pm

Dinner for two. It was busy, but not packed. We were seated immediately. I had a diet pepsi and my brother wanted a caesar. She asked him if he wanted a regular one or the japanese version with the only difference being the vodka, which was apparently from Japan. He decided to go for the Japanese version. Bad idea, it was bitter and weak. Not enough worchestershire sauce and personally I prefer it with a celery garnish not a lemon wedge.
For appetizers we ordered Vegetable tempura and the Honey Avocado Salad. The tempura was light and crisp and they used eggplant, redpepper, asparagus, and sweet potato. I love the variety, typically you only get a lot of sweet potato and zucchini. The honey avocado salad was fresh with mixed greens, shredded carrots, lima beans, tomato and cucumber. I found the ginger in the dressing (it was freshly grated) a little strong, but once mixed with everything it was a great combination of tang and sweetness from the honey.

For mains we ordered  2 pc Unagi Nigiri (bbq eel on rice), Spicy Salmon 6 pcs(x2), Dynamite Maki 6 pcs, Mini Kamikaze 8 pcs.

Unagi Nigiri – bbq eel placed atop a small bed of rice. 2 pieces, the eel was smoked and bbq’d with lots of flavor and melted in your mouth.

Spicy Salmon – Great ratio of salmon to tempura bits and I also love the green onion, it really makes it! We had 12 pcs between the two of us and I could have eaten 20. -Just like Thunder they go down easy.

Dynamite Maki – Shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber in a roll with avocado drapped across the top. Glad we only had 6 pcs because the roll was huge. This is the inexpensive version of the Green Dragon Roll. Crab is added to the GDR for about a $1.50 more, meh.

Mini Kamikaze Maki – There are two versions, the reg comes with 5 pcs and the mini comes with 8 pcs. This is part of their fusion menu. Salmon, tuna, snapper, avocado, jalepeno and cream cheese in a roll, breaded and deep fried with drizzles of spicy mayo on top. The breading had a great crunch, you can’t really distinguish between the fish, but the combo with avocado and cream cheese just disolves in your mouth. I actually enjoyed a warm roll instead of the usual fare.

Their wasabi is delicious. I don’t know if they grate their own or what, but it was damn tasty.

All in all, it was a great meal. Fresh and filling and the progression of courses was well timed. The server was informative, nice, and quick.

Cost: $61.98 tax in. Plus tip it was $75.


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Shopping Pockets: Portland Valley