So I’m sick… I thought it was allergies, and it may have started that way, but it’s definitely moved into cold territory. 

I called in sick last night, and just called in for my shift tonight so I’m currently dealing with the inevitable waves of guilt. Sure, it’s only my 5th sick day in almost three years, but I still feel guilty. Am I really sick enough? Is my nose stuffed enough? Is my head sore enough? 
Ah well, the deed is done and I will have to deal with the repercussions. The other issue is I’m about to have a few days off, so I guess I could soldier through my little 8 hour night shift. 
Then again, I don’t feel very good and the only reason I’m currently able to breath is because the pharmacist at Wal-mart changed my life and pointed out the best cold meds I’ve ever had. But they make me feel funny on the inside and no one likes a youth care worker in an altered state. 
Except the youth. They looove it. 
Now pardon me while I pass out on the couch in front of CBC Newsworld (see, I really am sick).

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