Halifax City Councillor Signs up as a Rideshare Driver with Uride


Matt Whitman, a local city councillor was the first person in Halifax to sign up as a
rideshare driver with Uride.

“I practice what I preach. I encourage others to sign up as well. It’s a great opportunity!” said Halifax City Councillor, Matt Whitman. “Uride is a Canadian company, and my preference is always to support local.” he continued.

“Out of all the cities we operate in, Matt is the first councillor to step up as a rideshare
driver. It shows great leadership, and we’re excited to get him on board.” said Cody
Ruberto, Uride Founder and CEO.

Uride has already had over 100 people apply to drive on the platform.
Individuals interested in driving can apply at www.uridetech.com

To get a ride with Uride, passengers can download the Uride app from the App store or
Google Play Store.

Rides will available after Urides launch, which has yet to be announced.

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