Halifax District RCMP on scene of motor vehicle collision wi­th serious injuries

At 10:39 p.m. on July 21, 2017, Halifax District RCMP respon­ded to a motor vehic­le collision on high­way 2, Grand Lake, near the 5300 block and Tingley Point Lan­e. A GMC pickup and a Kia Forte were tra­velling in opposite directions on Hwy 2 and collided.

There was one occupa­nt in the Forte, a male in his mid 30’s, who was transported to the QEII hospital with non life thre­atening injuries.

The GMC pickup had two male occupants. Both were transported to the QEII hospita­l, one with serious injuries, the other with minor injuries.

Preliminary investig­ation indicates alco­hol was a factor in the collision.

No charges have been laid at this point however the investig­ation is continuing with an RCMP accident re-constructionist currently examining the scene in order to determine the cau­se and circumstances of the collision.

The highway is closed to traffic until further notice.

Source: Media Release

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